Good News

Go get ’em Tiger! 25.07.2019


The Wild Tiger Rum Founder and CEO Gautom Menon and Creative Art Director, Paul George Vendanayagam  known as the “Roar Crew” have embarked on their CSR RoarTrip. The RoarTrip runs for 65 days and covers 25 countries. The trip started in native Parambikulam, India and will finish in  Cannes. This will coincide with the beginning of TFWA World Exhibition on Sept 28.


The RoarCrew are hoping to raise US$100,000 for the worthy cause of protecting the wild tiger.  Menon explains: “At the turn of the 19th century, 100,000 wild tigers roamed the planet. Today that figure is less than 4,000; it’s time we did something to avoid the ignominy of being the generation that witnessed the wild cat go extinct.”


The Concourse Team gives a  huge roooaarrr of support for Wild Tiger Rum – India and it’s founder Gautom Menon! We look forward to catching up with news of the trip over the next couple of months and seeing you crazy cats in Cannes!


Good Luck ROARCREW, the Concourse team is proud of what you have achieved for this very important cause. The RoarTrip is One of the most daring and ambitious Corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives in the travel retail industry history.