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Baileys European travel retail campaigns since 2015! Back to Portfolio

Despite being the world’s leading cream liqueur, Baileys continues to innovate with passion. In recent years, Baileys has extended its flavours and travel retail display advertising from its Original to include Chocolate Luxe, Orange Truffle, Hint of Coffee. Baileys also releases limited edition offerings such as Vanilla Cinnamon.

The branding continues to evolve, with a new design architecture inspired by an era that’s both modern and timeless. The iconic statement Double B, Art Deco touches, high gloss black satin and champagne gold metal finishes, communicate the sensuous power of Bailey’s Irish Cream liqueurs.

At one travel retail display at Frankfurt airport, Concourse Display Management and Baileys  gave travellers the chance to taste the full range of Baileys Irish Liqueurs merchandise.  The travel retail display included a tasting stage  within Frankfurt airports Heinemann Duty Free store. The store is finished with mirrored gold, with deep blue and cream gloss finishes, and focused on the modern female customer.

Baileys and Concourse at Heinmann duty free in Copenhagen Kastrup International in the lead up to Christmas offered its customers the chance to personalise a bottle of Baileys before boarding a plane. This provided the perfect gift over the winter holidays.

Over the years, Concourse display management has completed a number of retail displays for Baileys. Here is a selection of brand activations Concourse has designed and  project managed for Baileys at major airports throughout Europe. This kind of ongoing, worldwide campaign management is a great example of how Concourse’s unique capabilities truly unleashes brand potential in duty free.