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Cirôc Pineapple and Coconut Launch: European Airport Campaign 2015 Back to Portfolio

Ciroc brand activation

Cirôc is one of the fastest growing luxury vodkas in the travel retail industry. No surprise then that the summer 2015  airport brand activation launch of two new Cirôc flavours, Pineapple and Coconut, was a runaway success. Concourse implemented a travel retail display for people who enjoy living the dream and who won’t be satisfied until they have tasted paradise.

This highly coordinated brand activation featuring a retail display with fully equipped tasting bars at some of Europe’s busiest airports. This enticed summer travellers to trade up to fine spirits.

In Ibiza airport, The Concourse designers  first consideration was to greatly improve the lighting of the unit. This was due to the display positioning at the airport.  As it was out of the reach of ceiling & natural lighting, we added carefully focussed spot lighting to highlight the product.

Reuse is always better for the environment and more cost effective than recycling, so by using TRAM & our reverse logistics programme (we have a very big warehouse!) we were able to locate an existing Ciroc circle display, repair & beautify it; ready for a spell in the Balearic sun.

At every airport location, a sunny Caribbean feel was achieved. The travel retail display featured  attractive graphics including 3D Cirôc lettering. It also featured many special touches such as palm trees, deck chairs, and a golden pineapple in an ice bucket. Each real bar offered comfortable seating and built-in fridge/freezer so travellers could sample a perfectly-mixed cocktail served at ideal temperatures, straight-up or on the rocks.

Our clients gave it the thumbs up too.
“The layout of the Ciroc stand is great and the illumination is very good. We are really happy with the result of the project. Congrats & thank you!​”