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\.Marc Newson & Hennessy X.O Collaboration – Travel Retail Design

Marc Newson is described as one of the most influential designers of his generation and he has worked across a  wide range of disciplines primarily in industrial design.  He was tasked by Hennessy to create a beautiful design for the iconic, worlds best selling Cognac ensuring the designs were modernised.  The specially designed bottle features horizontal rippling ridges. This gives a corrugated effect and highlights the curves of the bottle magnifying the liquid inside. The bottle also comes with transparent packaging so the design can be fully appreciated.

It was important for Concourse Display Management, the travel retail design agency,  to keep in mind these different design features so that the edition bottles was showcased in the travel retail space.  The stripes of lighting were designed so that the ripples on the bottle were emphasised. And the curved edges of the display furnishings resonate with the curves of the bottles.

To promote the story behind the Limited Edition by Marc Newson Hennessy campaign, the front central travel retail design unit was designed to be highly interactive. The Tempting-to-touch bottles were placed on sensor-pads so that audio-visual messaging was activated whenever a bottle is picked up.

These Marc Newson activations have been rolled out across Asia. Airports to date include Singapore Changi international airport, Hong Kong international airport, Taoyuan (Taiwan) airport and Incheon (South Korea). Starting with design adaption, Concourse Display Management  managed these activations from project management, conception, through to installation.

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