As a leading store implementation and brand activation company in GTR, the team at Concourse are proud to introduce our sustainability and eco-friendly initiative, ReStore, which has been created to focus on the reduction of retail furniture, fixtures and merchandising that so often end up in landfill sites. This initiative identifies projects and charities that can benefit from Travel Retail’s unwanted retail displays and provides a dedicated service to collect, repurpose and recycle them into new and worthwhile pieces to meet other charities’ needs.


Through working in these partnerships with local charities our aim is two-fold. Firstly, to ensure we are leading the way in Travel Retail, designing and building materials in a sustainable way as much as possible and secondly, focusing on what happens to these assets at the end of a project’s life through building a complete service to ensure they get put to good use. We currently have more communities in need than we have old fixtures, so if your business has a store closure or big campaign activation coming to an end, please do get in touch with us at






Sustainability at Concourse


Our company is dedicated to ethical and sustainable ways of working, and we have already developed our Triple R Strategy, which stands for Re-design, Re-dress, Re-use, for existing client assets (displays and furniture).


As part of the Triple R strategy, we have a warehousing and re-use programme, where valuable assets created by Concourse can be saved and stored for future use in our dedicated storage and inventory system.


• Wherever possible, retail assets should be re-usable assets, directly addressing the issue of landfill waste.

• Delivers impressive ROI gains for our clients

• Drastically reduces activation lead times — a real advantage for clients with any last-minute promotion opportunities

• We catalogue, track and schedule retail assets for use and reuse with ease

• We keep a running tab on the performance of each asset in terms of reuse frequency and cost

• Extending the life of retails assets through our unique program is smart; ecologically and economically







Our CSR Background


As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, we’ve been working on developing the nonprofit side of our business, where we identify projects and charities that can benefit from our team’s collective skills and services to help those in need. Not only does this help to expand the culture of our company, in terms of encouraging empathy and understanding for those less fortunate, but it also helps our employees to develop key skills through team work, project management and problem solving. In recent charity endeavours, we have helped in the designing and building of school classrooms for an orphanage charity in Cambodia.







The Story So Far


As a fit with our Triple R service that we offer clients, and based on our CSR objectives, the Concourse team began to research to see if there were companies that were already successfully re-purposing retail furniture for charitable causes, whilst also liaising with potential clients to partner with.


As a result of this, we are now currently working with Lagardére Travel Retail, a global travel retail operator that runs both their own brand stores as well as international brand concessions at airports, developing a project on their behalf for a Singapore charity called The Food Bank. This charity collects, reuses, repurposes and distributes food to those who are food insecure in Singapore (an unbelievable 10% of the population), and to save on food waste (a record 30% imported food in Singapore).


We’ve been working with Lagardére in repurposing retail displays from some of their old store concessions to help The Food Bank by designing and making donation point ‘boxes’ to be used in commercial locations such as banks and food stores.

A First for Global Travel Retail


In the spirit of reusing, recycling and repurposing, and to oversee the Singapore Food Bank project, we decided that it was time for Concourse to officially develop its own company department to manage these projects. And so ReStore was born – a sustainability initiative that we want to introduce to the wider industry in DF&TR. Our aim it to position ReStore as the first initiative that can help clients to merge both ethical /sustainability aims and CSR into one mutually beneficial approach with those they are helping.


At the same time, we also started talks with an existing company in India that had already developed a branded charity business called Shelf Life. Please take a look at the video below. Shelf Life is a standalone social business that partners with brands and we have recently agreed for ReStore to be the exclusive partner for this initiative within the DF&TR channel. Our hope is that we can use our global network and reach to help expand this initiative into other parts of the world.