Good News

TR Exclusive Talisker Neist Point featured in Made By The Sea Tasting Bar at Copenhagen Kastrup International Airport 13.10.2017

During October, at this popular tasting bar location, in the Heinemann CPH Duty Free store, we created an engaging environment for passengers to sit & experience the wonderful flavours of Talisker Neist Point from the Isle of Skye.


You’re first invited by a huge 6.5 sqm light box; with a bottle of the award winning Talisker whisky set against the rugged costal backdrop that gives it it’s unique character.


Come, sit and relax; tasting the best that Talisker have to offer.


Our bar features a flavour map to intuitively link customers to their favourite tastes & palettes. A special highlight display offers the ‘Travel retail Exclusives’. Glorifying plinths for each of the different bottles, with didactics describing the different aromas of each Talisker in the collection. All designed to help the customer choose with simplicity.